In October 2017, journalist, TV producer and vintage retailer Lynnette Peck and financial tech City gal Paula Fry (both committed vintage fans, fashion addicts and dedicated dog mothers) had a chance conversation about 'middle age'.... 

That conversation - about feeling a bit rubbish, tired, getting hot, having erratic periods and wanting to strangle anyone even slightly irritating started a private page on Facebook, called Feeling Flush.  The secret Facebook page was accessed by invite only, and soon the girls saw their members' go from 20 close friends to over 500 members - each member introducing more and more women to the page. 


Feeling Flush, the website, is a supportive community for female middle-agers.  It's where you can share your ideas, thoughts, tips, tricks and advice for a healthy and happy midlife.  No subject is off the cards, but FF's love to talk about peri-menopause, post-menopause, HRT, fashion, step-children, children, rescue animals, divorce, beauty hacks, diet, fitness... our subject list is never ending! 

This website blog has been created as an extension of the Facebook group so we can share our wisdom (ahem) with a wider audience. If you wish to contribute a post then get in touch via our contact page. 

Paula and Lynnette x