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Jane Cunningham has been blogging for over a decade and is the UK's most popular beauty blogger, with millions of hits to her website every year.

1 When did you start http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com and why?

I was a freelance beauty writer for print and started to watch this thing called 'blogging' emerge in the USA. I used my extremely poor technical skills to start my own website (it was very easy back then!) where I could speak about beauty without the restrictions of having to write to publication style. Because I was one of the first beauty bloggers in the UK it really took off and about four years ago I dropped print altogether and turned my site into a business.

2 You describe yourself as a '53-year old beauty blogger'. Does age matter in beauty blogging?

It shouldn't, but it does. When you're up against 20-year-old marketing or PR executives who can only see you as someone who, because of your age, isn't relevant to their brand, it can be a bit of a struggle. In fact, I have women of all ages as readers and plenty of my older readers love make-up as much as I do. Make-up is pretty much all age - it's attitude that isn't.

3 If any of our Feeling Flush readers fancy being a blogger what advice would you give?

Have a purpose and plenty of time on your hands. These days, blogging is far less of a 'hobby' activity but an industry all of its own. It's fast-paced, competitive and intense. But, also a lot of fun. The old adage of 'write about what you know' is absolutely true, so if your interests lie with geology or architecture or theatre for example, that's always going to be pleasurable and easy for you to write about.

4 What was your menopause experience and do you have any beauty-related advice for those going through it now?

Everyone is so different, it's impossible to give specific advice. I don't think you're less beautiful because you're menopausal but your skin will go through changes because of hormone fluctuations. Many women find that their skin becomes less supple and drier so you need to up your moisture levels. I will say though that while the beauty industry loves to take credit for our skin, HRT is one of the best *anti-agers* that I know. It's quietly keeping women's skin in far better condition than our mothers had the luxury of.

5 What do you absolutely know now, that is crucial to your life, that you didn't know 20 years ago?

I feel like I am yet to discover it....!

6 Best beauty tip for women?

Laugh a lot. There is nothing more attractive.

7 What is the most recent beauty product you have seen that is a must-buy?

I'm using Dr Dennis Gross peel pads at the moment and they're a revelation for revealing smooth and glowing looking skin. Honestly, people keep saying how good my skin looks and I have to agree it does.

8 Do you have a daily mantra you live by?

There's gin at the end of this...

9 What is your all-time, cannot-live-without beauty product?

Please could I have two? Black kohl and black mascara. There is no occasion that the option of looking a bit sultry doesn't come in handy.

10 What is your fantasy beauty product that has yet to be invented?

Honestly, I try products from all over the world: Korea, Japan, China, India... I've juggled face splashes, skin jellies, snail masks, mists, waters, emulsions, bi-phase, tri-phase, peel off, rinse off, won't come off.. you name it, it's already been done somewhere by someone. Everything else is just a variation on a theme.

Thanks Jane!


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