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Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Feeling Flush co-founder, Lynnette lives near Bristol with her fiancé and her rescue dog and sometimes her step-children. She has three jobs (journalist, TV producer, online retailer). She has five wardrobes and a loft full of clothes. She recently turned 50 and is peri-menopausal and is OK about it. HONESTLY.

1. What are your nicknames?

My two step-children call me Lynnettey Spaghetti, as they claim I make the best spaghetti bolognaise ever IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Two old friends call me Netty. My ex used to call me Lovely (not sure he does now!), hence why my vintage fashion retail website is called Lovely’s Vintage Emporium.

2. What books on your shelf are begging to be read?

Our Spoons Came From Woolworths by Barbara Comyns (written in 1950) and The Big Network by Roman Garby-Czerniawski (written in 1961). Yup, I like old books. The first one is fiction and the second a memoir about Roman’s time as a spy.

3. What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? Do you count sheep? Toss and Turn? Try to get up and do something productive?

Have a fiddle. Or get up and watch real-life murder crime dramas on the Investigation Discovery TV channel.

4. How many days could you last in solitary confinement? How would you do it?

As long as needed as I am resilient. But I prefer to be with my rescue dog Miss Polar rather than be alone. I would run through each year of my life. Slowly.

5. Do you save old greeting cards and letters? Throw them away?

I save ones from my love, my dog and immediate family. The rest gets recycled.

6. When making an entrance in to a party, do you make your presence known? Do you slip in and look for someone you know? Do you sneak in quietly and find a safe spot to roost?

My parents always say ‘you were born confident’ – so parties are easy for me. I just rock up and chat to people.

7. What is your strongest sense? If you had to give one up, which would it be?

Sight is my strongest. I am all about visuals. My job for many years was as a fashion and beauty journalist so how things look is very important to me.

I wouldn’t care about giving up smell. I live with an extreme farting man (EFM).

8. How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Rarely. More if I am leaving my house. Probably three times on average.

9. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

That a vagina was called a Regina. Oh, and that periods meant you had to have an injection once a month. I was terrified about that thought for years.

10. What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?

Eating peanut butter out of the jar with a teaspoon.

11. How often do you read the newspaper? Which paper? Which sections?

As I am a freelance journalist (amongst other things) I read them all online regularly. I subscribe to the Guardian and The Times and Sunday Times, so I get both sides of the political world. I love the fashion and interiors sections the most (obvs).

12. Which animals scare you most? Why?

Snakes. My mother used to scream at the TV whenever one appeared. It is her fault.

13. Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage it head-on?

Avoid. Unless it is really important. But even then I try and find a diplomatic resolution.

14. What was the most recent compliment you’ve received and savoured?

My Dad phoned me last night and told me how proud he was to have me as his daughter. I did my best not to sob.

15. What is something about yourself that you hope will change, but probably never will?

My fat thighs. Sorry. That is not very feminist of me. I hate my thighs but love chocolate. What is a woman to do?

16. Are you a creature of habit?

Not at all. I mix things up all the time.

17. Are you high maintenance?

Only to myself. Not to others.

18. When was the last time you really pushed yourself to your physical limits?

I try not to move much…cannot remember.

19. Do you have a whole lot of acquaintances or just a few very close friends?

Both. I know loads of ‘industry’ people but only have about five people I totally trust and love as friends.

20. Are you more inclined to “build your own empire” or unleash the potential of others?

I try and do both. Cop out I guess. I like working alone, as I do for Lovely's Vintage Emporium but I also like encouraging others to do well. I am mentoring a young woman at the moment.

21. What do you think about more than anything else?

My rescue dog Miss Polar. I am obsessed by her.

22. What’s something that amazes you?

That I am still alive and able to walk at 50 (I had a childhood of illness and operations – I will save that story for a blog post)

23. Do you prefer that people shoot straight with you or temper their words?

SAME AS PAULA. Straight shooters PLEASE.

24. What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself?

SAME AS PAULA. Clean my house.

25. Do you have a catchphrase?

‘Self-praise is no recommendation’

26. What’s your reaction towards people who are outspoken about their beliefs?

I love it. Bring it on. As long as it isn’t offensive of course.

27. What position do you sleep in?

Left side of the bed. Lying on my left. Often with an arm or leg hanging out (hot flushes…)

28. What’s your all-time favourite town or city?

Palm Springs. Oh gosh, you must go if you haven’t. It is full of rich, eccentric old people who used to be something successful in LA. The vintage (thrift) shops are out of this world. My first day there I saw ‘Elvis’ driving down the main drag in a pink Corvette.

29. What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new?

Authenticity. Confidence. Good fashion sense (I am so shallow).

30. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?


31. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

I wouldn’t. I love that Lynnette is so different. But if pushed then perhaps Esmeralda.

32. Do you believe ignorance is bliss? Why or why not?

No. I want to know EVERYTHING.

33. What do you consider unforgivable?

Lying on a large scale to me. Yup, I am looking at you Mr Ex.

34. Have you forgiven yourself for past personal failures? Why or why not?

Totally. Nothing I can do now.

35. How difficult is it for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologise?

I can’t. This is why my ex best friend is still my ex best friend. She only had to say sorry. Oops. Now it looks like my answer to question 34 is a lie…

36. To what extent do you trust people? Explain.

I trust them too much according to my boyfriend. I trust until let down. He is wary until they prove their trust. Opposites attract etc.

37. In what area of your life are you immature?

Shopping habits. I spend money on fashion like a teenager getting their first paper round money…

38. What was the best news you ever received?

That my Dad hadn’t had a heart attack after all, just a reaction to some pills. He is still alive and well so don’t worry.

39. How difficult is it for you to be honest, even when your words may be hurtful or unpopular?

I find it really easy to be honest. Probably too honest. SAME AS PAULA. We are both honest/blunt.

40. When do you find yourself singing?

Right now. Writing this and listening to Cat Stevens.

*If any of you would like to appear in this 40 Questions With...section then get in touch! #FFS

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