• Lynnette Peck


Most of the UK had its first day of sunshine this week. We have had grey skies since last October, so that is six long months my friends. But as much as I am sure you have all been wearing an SPF throughout winter, I am guessing many of you haven't. Here is my round-up of my favourite five sunscreens, that I highly recommend you give a go when exposing your face to UV and UVA rays. Lecture over. Go get some...

1. For pigmentation: Ultrasun Daily Face Fluid SPF50

2. For pollution: Murad City Skin SPF50

3. For children: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo-Kids Spray SPF 50

4. For sensitive skin: Piz Buin Allergy Lotion SPF30

5. Organic sun cream: Green People Facial Sun Cream Scent Free SPF30

Stay safe in the sun. #FFS #FeelingFlush

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