• Lynnette Peck


Updated: May 15, 2018

1. It is completely normal to be perimenopausal (hormonal transitions prior to menopause) after the age of 42 and this stage often lasts eight to ten years. Prior to 42 it is considered premature perimenopause.

2. You might not even realise you are perimenopausal. UK GP, Dr Sarah Brewer says: "Nearly half of women don’t even know what the perimenopause is and three-fifths of women haven’t sought help from their doctor."

3. You suddenly want a new life. Again, totally normal. Hormonal fluctuations often mean more inward thinking thoughts. Use this time to reflect and reconsider. Make changes if need be.

4. You could get pregnant. The second highest unintended pregnancy time for women is during their 40s and pregnancy remains a risk until you haven’t had a period for a year.

5. Nothing has changed. For some women hot flushes and bad moods just do not happen. Lucky them...

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