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Updated: Apr 14, 2018

A little while ago on our Feeling Flush FB group, we had an interesting discussion (cue absolutely hilarious comments) about hair of the downstairs kind. Pubes. Or lack of them, depending how you liked to display the foliage in your very own lady garden. And we discovered that there is no right or wrong answer - just your personal preference and maybe that of your partners (if you even give them a choice!).

On a recent girly weekend with some school friends, the subject reared it's hairy head. Again, four very different answers from women of the same age, some wincing and frowning, a reasonably challenging display of how high you needed to lift your leg up to get a proper under carriage wax (I have to inform that at this stage we were all 5 cocktails each in and she was wearing jeans) and a frank discussion around less being more and it enhancing your sex life.... More of that later.

As you age, not only can you get the odd grey pubic hair, but the growth of hair slows down - including your legs and under arms too. A joy for those of us that shave, wax, epilate etc. But funnily enough, it doesn't slow down on your face. Oh no. A mere day or two away from a magnifying mirror and I've a small goatee on it's way.

If you don't fancy or can't afford visits every 6 weeks to the beautician for a wax (and not want the pain either!), there are now some great 'tools' (sorry) that you can buy to keep the area strimmed, trimmed and ready for it's own spot on Gardeners World.

Bog standard razors - even the lady versions - got the bad rap with our research (spots, rashes, ingrowing hairs, husband using them) but bikini strimmers got the thumbs up for ease of use, cost and 'finish'... You can add a guard if you don't want to whip most of it off, some of them even had shapers if you want to get creative. If I fashioned a heart shape in my thatch, my husband would not notice unless I attached a golf trolley and a pint of beer to it.

So back to the sex enhancing bit, according to some of my sources, being hair free downstairs is a guaranteed turn on for both sides and it's the trend in the waxing salons for sure, with 'The Hollywood' now becoming even more popular than her slightly more hairier sister 'The Brazilian'.

Maybe it's worth a try. But I think I'll need to write to my libido first (currently on an extended holiday in Lanzarote with my patience and my sanity) to see what she thinks...

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