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We asked two top UK celebrity make-up artists for their make-up tips for a wedding. Whether you are a slightly older bride (ahem, that might be me this summer) or a wedding guest, they have all the answers.

Kenneth Soh

Kenneth flies around the world as an international make-up artist, making film stars look amazing. He has just flown back from the Cannes Film Festival where he attended to actress Michelle Rodriguez. He is also the make-up artist of Brit actress Naomie Harris. Click on his name above to see his work. Below are his suggestions for the more mature bride.

1. Pay attention to your skin prep. If skin is dry by  nature, consider masking with a hydrating mask to boost moisture. And if skin is oily naturally, use a clarifying and mattifying mask to help absorb excess sebum and promote a clear complexion. 

2. Instead of using a heavy moisturiser, use layers of light textured products like serums and essences - taking time to let the product sink in.

3. Use blot papers - as adding more and more powder makes skin look dull and aged.

4. Don’t go for a total dramatic change of look. Don't opt for a full glam smoky eye, for example, with contouring when you’ve always been a natural-looking make-up person.

4. Use waterproof make-up, such as mascara, to prevent smudges if you start crying. 

Nadira Persaud

Nadira is a very successful make-up artist, and Feeling Flush fan, with decades of experience. She works with many famous people, but also offers a service to everyone of sorting out their make-up bag and suggesting new products. Check out her website by clicking her name above. Here are her top tips for older bridal beauty.

1. Think cream or liquid highlighter, rather than powder, to the upper features of the face. This will give an illusion of open and rested skin.

Product suggestion: STUDIO 10 Youth Lift Glo-Plexion 

2. If you feel you can't get to grips with a liquid bronzer then opt for a bronzer with flecks of gold for a warm complexion and specks of silver for a paler complexion.

Product suggestion: Erborian Copper Glow Bronze Hue Powder Compact

3. For lasting lips use a waterproof lipliner alone or all over before applying lipstick. 

Product suggestion: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil

Thanks so much Kenneth and Nadira!!

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