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We seem to talk about unwanted hair a lot at Feeling Flush... Whether it’s about shaping your under carriage foliage, strimming your moustache or plucking out that unwanted goatee you seem to be growing. It's a topic that we will never exhaust.

Recently, I was having the 'hairy chin chat' with my mother - not yet 70 and Mrs Glam to a tee - when she mentioned her new gadget - the JML Finishing Touch Flawless Trimmer. This little battery operated beauty will whip off of the fuzz in seconds, you don’t even need a mirror. Just move in a circular motion around the hairy area and you‘re as smooth as a babies bum in no time.

Skeptical as ever, I had a go with my Mums' to see what all the fuss (and no fuzz) was about and I was hooked, instantly purchasing one (£20 and worth every penny!) and I've not looked back since. I still need to whip out the tweezers now and then, but the fact that this thing doesn't hurt nor irritate the skin, is a chicken dinner winner.

There are others gadgets around - some cheaper, some more expensive - I had previously tried the Boots No 7 version, but didn't like the head as much as it isn't round and it's more awkward to use near your mouth. However, it does make an excellent portable bikini line strimmer to take on your holidays to keep any unwanted bush from poking it's head out of your cozzy...

Unwanted hair - begone....



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