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When I was a bit younger, filling up my diary (a thin, leather bound, paper one that slotted neatly in to my handbag) filled me with excitement. This event, that event, birthday dinners, catch up drinks, nights dancing in clubs, work conferences, travel... my little diary sat on my desk, bursting with places to go, people to see that I would book up weeks and weeks in advance.

I’ve tried to go back to keeping a paper diary several times in the last five years but I just can’t do it. It just can’t coordinate with my work diary so I would be double entering, and everything I have is now on digital.

Within the last few years though, going out has become a chore. A huge chore. All that getting ready, organising, booking things, late nights, hangovers... since when did I get the FOGO - fear of going out?

If you're looking for excuses NOT to go out - here's my top 5 tried and tested;

1 - no longer having kids as an excuse not to go out, now it's the dog. And the dog is sick tonight - can't possibly leave it sat eating it's own shit. Sorry.

2 - hubby has a bad back. Can't move. It's flat out in bed. You can come round here and see for yourself if you like?

3 - I'm at work conference off-site thing. Yes on the weekend. I know. It's awful that they make us do stuff in our own time.

4 - I'm fasting. Use this one and you'll never be invited anywhere ever again. Hopefully.

5 - I'm not drinking. See above.

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