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Now, before you read this, the disclaimer is that I do 'Dry January' every year and soon will be deep in the clutches ... but I’m not saying it isn’t a struggle.

So here is my Good Fairy vs my Drunken Fairy argument for and against the whole sorry procedure...

Top 5 Reasons to do Dry January!

1 - we should all reset our alcohol buttons now and then, and after a month over over indulgence, the New Year is a perfect time.

2 - your skin will thank you buckets - booze dehydrates the skin so add the cold weather with central heating and you’re getting a double whammy.

3 - alcohol causes sleeplessness, something the perimenopausal/menopausal woman doesn’t need anymore help with. Cheers Insomnia, you bitch.

4 - alcohol doesn't help if you suffer from hot flushes either - in fact it can make them worse.

5 - calories, calories, calories. Oh yeah and more calories. Muffin top be gone.

Top 5 Reasons NOT to do Dry January!

1- January is the shittest month of the year - a little drinky poo can't hurt right?

2 - January is the worst months for getting colds and flu and it's against the actual law if you are not drinking hot toddys made of whiskey or brandy to get better.

3 - my friends can be boring and I need a drink to cope with the same bloody story they've told me each time I've seen them since 2001.

4 - if I cut the carbs and save my calories (alco-rexic I think they call it) then I'm not consuming empty/extra calories.

5 - I have no will power and I love wine. Sorry.

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