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I hate the gym. There. I said it.

But. And there is a but. I understand the need to go and have done since my early 30’s. I’ve flirted with cardio, I’ve been trained by women and men - with varying results - I’ve done every type of class going (except for aerial yoga which I am still to try!) and I’ve worked out with personal trainers, alone and with friends. I’ve tried it all. Big gyms, tiny gyms, home gyms, work gyms, large corporate gyms, boxing gyms... all in a quest to stay healthy but also to try and find something I could love doing.

It took me until I was 46 to actually stumble across the type of training that I can both stick at and that actually has made me fitter than I’ve ever been. I go twice a week to a collaborative training class, mainly involving weights with some conditioning to get your heart rate up. I sometimes have to drag myself after a long, stressful day at work but I focus on it is only for an hour and I will feel better when I’m done. And you know what? I always do. Never ever in two and a half years have I finished and thought ‘Fook I wish I hadn’t done that’...

Before you start squirming at the idea of building up muscles a la Madonna, getting an arse a la Kardashian or are twitching thinking you are too old - think again.

I am not the oldest person in my group by far! And women are joining in their 60’s that have never worked out before. Its never too late.

I really think my fitness regime has helped with my perimenopause symptoms but earlier this year I was noticing my hands were hurting after I had been lifting. The pains got worse and started to become noticable at work - even a month off the gym didn't help. I visited a specialist who said I may have early onset osteoarthritis but the X-rays and ultra sounds showed nothing. Zero inflammation and minimal wear and tear.

I did mention to him that I had heard hormones could be to blame at my age and he laughed. In fact he binned me off with ‘one of them things’. So I turned to our wonderful Facebook group to see if anyone else had anything similar.

Oh my word. The comments and advice came thick and fast and some two months later I have no pain, I’m lifting weights as normal and I’m having zero joint pain. I’m aghast that still conventional doctors don’t link this stuff to menopause.

So what did I take? For me it’s been Vitamin D along with Omega 3 that has worked (it might not work for everyone). I’ve taken the oils plus glucosamine for years but I am sometimes lax on when I take it. So I’ve been stricter with my supplements and voila!

(NB I’ve been taking HRT via skin gel for 7 months now and it’s really suited me along with my Mirena coil.)

Obviously we are no substitute for the medical profession at Feeling Flush and you should always get symptoms checked out by a doctor but we are grateful to everyone that shares their stories, tips and feelings on menopause with us every day. You rock.



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