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Hey beauty brands, don't you dare patronise me

By beauty industry PR insider and #FF reader Caroline Murphy*

It seems to me that patronisation as a purchase trigger for beauty products is common. But don't you dare patronise me. I will scream.

There’s two things beauty brands need to know about me - I’m 48 and I’m a sure thing. I’m focus group heaven. No amount of press release writing and insider knowledge, by me over 20+ years for my job, has tempered my willingness to hand over substantial sums for serums.

I’m on first name terms with my beauty product trigger words: new; subcutaneous; luminosity; hydration (that’s an edit too) and I love them all. Give me the right experience at the beauty counter and I’m interrupting you so I can hand over my hard earned cash.

But I come with a caveat: one that isn’t unreasonable, and yet it’s so often utterly ignored by brands when it comes to women over 40...

A mug I’m not.

I’m a fully sober participant in my beauty buys, not an ageing petrified passenger. Hey, I want to look my best, it makes me feel good . Look my best 48, that is. Reasonable no?

Apparently not. So often brands substitute my trigger words for their own…and my purse snaps shut. Permanently. Their loss.

Being patronised, shamed or offered a creepy type of commiseration? Tad of a turn off . Apart from sucking the joy out of the experience (thanks), it makes no commercial sense to use the following pick up lines on me: sagging; reversing; dull; youth restoring.

Jeez, I worked hard for the wisdom my youth didn’t accord SO when did it become so ewwww?

And another thing: That woman-child advertising the serum promising to save me from the horror of not being 20 like her? It’s usually the final patronising straw. To those brands I say DO BETTER. I say 'you know who you are' ….or maybe you actually don’t. In that case, these non-rocket science tips for your marketing dept are yours free of charge. Knock yourselves out in the next brainstorm with them.

Because with a respectful chat up line I’m a sure thing.

*(not her real name)

#FFS #FeelingFlush

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