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‘You‘re as young as you feel’ as the saying goes (or 'young as the man/woman you feel’ also as some people say but that's not for here, that's a whole other post!).

Lately, I’ve become to feel so adult and I’m unsure if I like it.

So when did this happen?

Look you know you’re a proper grown up when...

1. You love a pair of big knickers. Sh*t they are comfy. Especially those boy-short things. Thongs just feel like medieval torture. I bet Henry the Eighth made Anne Boleyn wear one...

2. You own a plentiful and varied spice and herb rack. Garam Masala anyone?

3. You always have spare loo rolls. In white.

4. You LOVE going to bed AND if you go to sleep immediately and stay asleep all night then that’s the holy grail. If I sleep through the night I feel like a new bloody woman!

5. You don’t have fear of missing out. You give zero f*cks. The thought of a night in with a box set/film/Saturday night tv accompanied by a bottle of wine and face pack instead of going down the pub is nirvana and gives you a lady boner.

6. Getting a good parking space near an entrance/exit makes your day.

7. Everyone at work looks 12...

8. ’Back in the day’ becomes a common phrase to add before telling stories to said 12 year olds (see number 7).

9. You remember how easy life was before email, social media and the soddin' internet. (see also number 7 and 8). You also secretly thank the lord FOR the internet - mostly for when you're arguing with your partner about stuff like how old Tess Daly is and you can Google that sh*t!

10. Your ‘f*ck off’ button is finally in full working order, along with your ‘errr no that’s not for me’ button and your ‘I actually don’t care, now p*ss off’ lever.

Maybe being grown up isn’t that bad after all?

(apologies for all the profanities - but I'm an adult now, I'm allowed)



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