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When shopping for jeans look upon it as fun and not a chore! Don’t size up, as all jeans feel a little tight when new, but they always stretch when worn.

Plus, open your mind and try different finishes and washes. Never tried on red boyfriend jeans? You might like them and they might suit you.

Remember to check out your rear as well as your front in the changing room mirror.

Don’t worry too much about length, you can cut them raw or get them hemmed.

Once you find a pair that really fits you then buy two pairs – you know how hard it is to find the perfect jeans. I have three pairs of black, skinny Top Shop jeans. They have now faded to the perfect grey and they are soft and comfy.

Plus, who cares what they really look like on you as long you feel sassy and happy in them. I am plus-size and tall and I wear jeans. Anyone can.


- Wear flares that widen at the knee to give good proportion

- Faded jeans break up the look of lots of length

- Retro, 70s style jeans suit long legs

- Cropped, then the length matters less


- Opt for cropped, straight-leg styles

- A kick flare can help elongate legs (good if petite and curvy)

- Dark wash with a hem that hovers just above the floor is flattering

- Contoured waistband gives an illusion of a curvy waist


- Roll hems to add width to balance out hips

- Mid-rise jeans slim thighs

- Narrow leg jeans with a long top give an illusion of leanness

- Or try a 70s kick flare from the knee to balance bum and hips


- High-rise waists flatten tummies

- Heavier denim fabrics give a greater hold

- Dark denim fabrics are flattering

- Large pockets on the back of jeans give an illusion of a curvier bum


- Loose jeans give the illusion of curves

- Cropped skinnies make legs seem longer

- Try vintage-cut high-rise denim with a tapered leg to enhance hips

- Mix flared jeans with close-fitting tops to give a curvy look

Do comment and tell us your favourite places to buy jeans and your favourite style of jean?


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