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My hormonal clock body has pretty much run like a well oiled machine for most of my life. Whether it be my 28 day period cycle with its 5 day bleed and its very predictable daily flow/colour (I even had a period 28 days exactly after each child was born!), the appearance of a strategic chin spot, a craving for carbs and sweet stuff, a mood change that might mean I could injure someone.... Any time during the month, I could genuinely read what was going on inside plus where I was in my cycle by a series of triggers and signs, including of course, my mood.

After 45 this has all gone out of the window and although having the Mirena coil has been a godsend and changed the heaviness of the bleed (a couple of years of chronic pain and clotting gone in a month!), I am still finding my new ’norm’ changes its mind more times than Kim K changes filters.

It’s fair to say that after being on HRT for 6 months some of the changes could be coming from that too, but what is my new norm now.... Mother Nature what are you doing to me?

1 The ‘warning‘ two-nights-before-due-on-huge-night-sweat... no it’s ok, we can now have this two days in to your bleed instead. No more clear warning signs for you.

2 Extreme anger/lack of patience replaced with anxiety - kicks in about 2-3 days before I have my period and makes me question life choices I was perfectly fine with the week previous and turns my decisive, confident nature in to a jibbering wreck.

3 No pain or heavy bleeding... until day 3 and then the flood gates open for 12 hours exactly.

4. No hormonal itching all month until... yeah you guessed it.... and only at night.

5. Four to five days and it’s all over normally. Except it’s more fun if we keep it going for 10 days to up the element of surprise and keep my out of white trousers...

Have you got a new norm?



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