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Last week we had a lively discussion within our Facebook group around going grey after one of our members posted a piece from the BBC about women loving their grey hair. Should you or shouldn't you? Does it age you or does dying it actually age you more...?

Whilst I liked the piece the BBC tried to do, they chose photographs of women who had gone grey at a young age - let's face it, grey hair on a young face actually looks cool and should I be 25 I'd be all over the 'grey hair trend' like a tramp on chips (NB it only looks cool as long as you still dress accordingly and don't drag out the twinset and pearls).

I'd give it a go if my hair was like Vogue beauty Sarah Harris, who kills this look. But the fact of the matter is, whilst I do have plenty of grey hairs - they are in patches and are not growing evenly at all on my head of fine, frizzy, light brown hair - so if I didn't colour them, I'd look like a well groomed skunk.

I envy those women who are whiter than white and can rock it, in fact I'm hoping I can embrace this look myself some day - I'm thinking Iris Apfel and The Accidental Icon in particular - both massive fashion icons and proof that older women that are smashing the stereotypes of old age out of the park!

So if you want to go grey and you're cheesed off with the whole colouring process, how can you do it?

  • Find yourself a hairdresser you can trust and prepared to be patient - this doesn't happen overnight.

  • If you're a natural brunette, now is the time to think about hitting the blonde whilst you grow out your grey. Grey doesn't show as much through highlights and makes the process slightly less painful.

  • You could bite the bullet and stop all colouring altogether but you might need to invest in a lot of hats or think about going for a shorter hair cut - 4 inches of white roots on long dark hair is tough for anyone to carry off.

  • Grey hair is drier and can be brittle so it's important to invest in decent shampoo, conditioners and hair masks so as to keep away from the Beetlejuice look....

  • Make sure you think about your wardrobe and makeup. Grey hair is going to change the pallor of your skin so it may mean colours you previously loved won't suit you.




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