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There aren't many things I like more than a quick cocktail after a long week at work. I say 'quick', but they aren't the fastest drink you can make and nor are they the cheapest but there is something about the exotic colours, a martini glass and a slice of fruit that whispers 'annnnnnnd relllaxxxxx'...

Here are my top 5 favourite cocktails of all time (*other cocktails are available....)

  • Straight in at number 1 is the Porn Star Martini - I first tasted this little beauty in the early 00's in a very cool London bar called The Townhouse (invented there don’t ya know). You have a shot of fizz that comes on the side and they are made from vanilla vodka and passion fruit - some bars infusing the vodka themselves. Now copied the world over, the more exotic versions will come with half a floating passion fruit and a dollop of vanilla sugar on top. They taste like a Solero ice cream! I'm glad to have been there in the beginning....

  • The Expresso Martini. Nothing more to say but coffee AND alcohol. What. Is. Not. To. Like? I prefer mine slightly sweetened.

  • The French Martini is a cheeky little raspberry number using Chambord. I buy myself a bottle of this at Christmas and add it to wine and champagne to give it a pinky, fruity and very tasty hue. I like my French Martini's with a bit of mint on the side. The bottle of Chambord lasts me about a month.

  • The Bloody Mary. I once drank 8 of these in a swanky New York Nolita bar and ended up being ever so slightly ill for 48 hours. Being poured in to a cab is not classy. However, I did get over it and my love for them returned. I like mine super spicy and with a stick of celery on the side. I also have drank these at 7am in Breakfast Club.... ( don’t ask).

  • Last but not least, my go-to drinky before dinner is a Bellini. Super easy to make and always delivers, just spices up your glass of champers or The perfect aperitif.

What are your favourite cocktails?

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