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As part of a regular series we talk to Feeling Flush readers about their experiences of menopause.

This week it is the turn of Anne Carter, who is a 60-something wife, mother and retired NHS worker. She now enjoys wearing white, travelling the world and hand washing...


As someone who is on the wrong side of 60 and through the menopause, in my humble opinion there are a load of positives about it.

We all know about the physical and psychological changes but there is a balance. Here are my five positives about the menopause.

1. There is no more waiting for 'that time of the month' and being caught out unexpectedly. My last period, which was six months after the one before, was at a Burns Night Ball at a Hilton Hotel. I was definitely not prepared!

2. Being able to wear white trousers whenever you want, without fear of leakage. An embarrassing occasion in Brussels as a young teenager comes to mind.

3. Not having to worry about birth control or unwanted pregnancies.

4. The reassurance that your body is working as it should.

5. Happy that you've lived long enough to experience the menopause. Unfortunately there are many women that haven't.

So Feeling Flush ladies, I want to say look forward to living the next stage of your lives for many years to come.

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