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When I was 14 I remember being pretty convinced that if I met Simon Le Bon in person, he would definitely fancy me. Bless me. I admire my strength of conviction given I was a flat chested, spotty, frizzy haired teen whilst he was allegedly banging every super model the world over.

My bedroom walls were adorned with Duran Duran posters from 1981 until 1986 when I decided I was too old for such business as I honed my real life snogging skills and became less interested in licking Smash Hits posters.

Funnily enough, those first feelings of infatuation never really leave you, I only have to put old re-runs of Top of Pops (these are epic on Sky Gold btw) on the telly and spot my objects of lust miming away and I’m catapulted back to my bedroom, my heart fluttering, my hairbrush in hand.

So these ladies are your text book, pretty boy, teenage girl type-of-lurvveee. This is what I liked! None of your Jon Bon Jovi, David Coverdale types on my list... although weirdly I quite like long hair on blokes (eg Paul King a la Taste of Your Tears).

So here goes.... I am opening my school girl heart to you. Sorry not sorry.

David Cassidy.

I was about 5 or 6 (mid-1970's) and I thought he was cute. I didn't know what love was of course but along with the Bay City Rollers, he was my first crush! Shame he went bonkers. RIP Dave.

Simon Le Bon

I mean I still WOULD. Apparently an arrogant git by all accounts and it was John Taylor that actually winked at me during a concert in 2005 when I was front row (no it wasnt a nervous twitch) BUT my school self, she say YES!

Martin Kemp

Well hasn’t he aged well? And what a throughly nice bloke. And a fab wife and grounded lovely kids. Sigh. Me love da Kemp’s.

George Michael

Was I in love with him as much as his music? I think I was actually and I still am (cried properly when he died!). I once played Careless Whisper for 3 hours on repeat until my mum came up to unplug my stereo. Love you George.

Mark Owen

Admittedly I was in my early 20's when Take That came out and already with my husband to be, but I had a soft spot for Mark. I once licked his face when I was in the front row at Wembley for their first come back tour. He looked scared.

Needless to say, two of these are now dead and the other three.... well yeah still would on a free pass....

Which of your school girl crushes do you still fancy?



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