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It’s ok for blokes to have a perv. Having worked in male dominated environments all of my career, I'm so used to 'bloke banter' - all day long - about which woman has amazing knockers, legs, arse... Yeah, whatever.

Do blokes think we don't do the same? Well HELL YEAH we do.

So ladies who does it for you? Is it still that pretty boy look or a of bit rough and ready? Does a beard tickle your fancy (quite literally...)? What you fancied in your 20s and 30s doesn’t always translate in your 40s and 50s. Or does it?

After my teenage crush post, I thought I'd show you my grown up list of who currently makes me drop the iPad and watch the screen. Pronto...

1. Idris Elba - please make him James Bond!!!! My 22 year old would fight me with bare knuckles for him.

2. Tom Hardy. All. Day. Long.

3. Cillian Murphy - cheek bones to cut paper with.

4. David Beckham - I will never ever get fed up of looking at him - sorry not sorry - I have had several of his calendars in my utility room I’m not gonna lie. Sadly only his calendars!

5. Gerard Butler - despite his penchant for a 24 year old (well he obvs CAN), him dressed as a roman soldier and me as his Cleopatra (sort of Carry On style) floats my boat.

Now who floats yours?



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