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There is one thing that drives me mad about underwear - seams. I can't stand looking at a woman in a gorgeous dress, only to glance down and see her bottom chewing her knickers or the exact line of her thong..... Ewwwwwww.

I've researched this in depth over the years - I've tried so many different brands, I've paid anything from £3 to £30 a pair all in my quest to find the perfect non VPL underwear.

So as an extreme connoisseur of no VPL kecks, I'd thought I'd share them with you so here are my picks of pants (by the way this isn't a recent picture of me, in fact it's not me at all).....

  • Sloggi light shorty - I've worn these for years. Admittedly, they don't last forever so make sure you never tumble dry them to make them last a bit longer. You will NEVER have VPL in these beauties and the nude is great under white.

  • Asda Midi Lace knickers - at three pairs for £7, you'd be forgiven for thinking that these would be rubbish quality but hail be to the Knicker Fairy, not only a damn good bargain, they are big enough to be comfortable (they look like granny pants but don't be fooled as they look good on), don't ride down and have no seams - win win win (I bought 4 packs!)

  • Next lace Brazilian briefs - if big, comfy pants are not your bag (what is wrong with you?), these Brazilian briefs are maybe the ones for you. Next also do a thong version should you like the cheese wire effect...

  • M&S Embroidered high rise short - who said shorts couldn't be sexy? These also come with a matching bra should la matchy-matchy be your thang.



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