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My hair is best described as frizzy, fine and unruly. It literally has a mind of its own. The only hair style I’ve ever had that suited it’s crappy texture was when scrunch drying was trendy in the 80’s. I smashed it.

Me and Bonnie Tyler/Carol Decker/Shakira could have been separated at birth. (Wish I’d got Shakiras’ arse rather than her curly barnet).

During night sweats, the back of my neck gets so damp that my hair just absorbs it all, kinking up like a thousand rubbish, bent springs. What’s even more annoying is when it happens when I’ve freshly washed and blown it out - with the hope I can throw the irons on it before I go to work and still look reasonably glam. No such luck.

I‘ve had Nanokeratin treatments in the past, but I hate the process plus the three days of keeping your hair stuck to your head like Olive Oyl. I was bemoaning this to my hairdresser recently when he mentioned a new treatment from 72 Hair that they had just started using. No waiting for three days, you can wash it the next day! And apparently it’s good for your hair - even processed hair like mine.

Like a Nanokeratin, it’s not cheap - £150 - which is more than I pay for my cut and colour - but such is my current hair frustration I decided to treat myself.

The treatment takes around 2 to 3 hours depending on your hair length - you’re shampooed, the treatment applied by painting it on to your hair, it’s left to dry for about 45 minutes, then a quick blow dry and it’s sealed in with special irons.

So it’s been just over a week now and I’m really impressed with it. My hair (just below shoulder length) feels thicker, dries quicker, is super soft and I don’t need to even look at the hair straighteners. I’ve been caught in the rain three times and I’ve not so much seen a curl! Normally a whiff of humidity, rain or damp air and I am channelling Luther Vandross quicker before you can shout ‘Gimme the reason’....

Also it’s not hanging like a pair of curtains, it’s still got some bounce. Reportedly lasting up to four months if you follow the rules of using shampoo without parabens.

I will keep you posted.

I’m off to swish...



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