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I love sleep. Correction, I adore it. And this isn’t a new thing either, I’ve always loved it to be honest. Never was I the child to be told to go to bed, I was gone on my own!

When I had my babies, (both shocking sleepers until ages 3 and 6 years respectively) it was like nightly Chinese water torture not getting my 8 hours of slumber in. I had a stressful job in an investment bank and going to work on 2 hours shut eye did not a happy Paula make.

Fast forward now to some 20 odd years later, it’s a joy to be able to go to bed when I like, sleep in until lunch time at weekends and have as many princess naps as I dare to squeeze in but guess what? I CAN‘T BLOODY SLEEP!!!!

During the week, I’m up around 5.15am for work and I can honestly say that each morning I could sell a kidney to be able to stay in bed. I’m genuinely gutted when the alarm goes off and I’m ripped from my slumber.

On Saturdays, I generally have a gym session at 8am but I can easily get up at 7.20am. So when do I wake? Oh you know, a casual 4.50am. And I’m wide awake.... not just stirring. It’s a ’get up and make a coffee now’ type of awake. Even the chihuahuas’ at the bottom of my bed are looking at me with disgust.

So is this an age thing? Is it a body clock thing? Why can’t I stay asleep when I‘m so damn tired? I‘m taking magnesium to help me sleep through the night and it seems to be helping a little with the sporadic insomnia but the mornings? I am just desperate to enjoy a10am lay in!!

It’s even regardless what time I go to bed.... I’ve tried going later and all that means is even less sleep!

So this week sees me embark on some better sleep hygiene. I’m stopping the glasses of wine, killing the phone by the bed and shutting down the caffeine. I don’t mind rising early if at least my time in bed is less restless.

Wish me luck. All three of the above are emotional crutches..... someone may get hurt.....



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