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Updated: Apr 17, 2018

One of the many joys (ahem) of peri menopause for me has been the night sweats. I haven't yet fallen foul to the day time hot flushes, but the night sweats started several years ago and would appear between 24 to 48 hours before a period started.

For the first year or two, I’d wake up in the middle of night, slightly hot, a bit damp around my top half, I’d adjust my position and drift back off relatively quickly, with the only reminder of it in the morning being my frizzy hair! (Think Monica off of Friends in Barbados episode).

Fast forward to last year when the night sweats turned themselves up a notch. Yes they would still mostly happen around my period but also two or three times more at least during the month too. I would wake up in what appeared to be a bath of water (created purely by moi, aren’t I clever?), try to turn over to resettle myself, but with my knockers clapping together like an excited sea lion, I'd struggle to get back to sleep. Cue insomnia... What a beautiful thang that is.

It became a toss up between having a quick wipe down with a towel or getting changed. I can't stand the thought of changing bedding in the middle of night, but lying on damp sheets isn't the most comfortable thing you can do.

Back in December, I started Oestrogel - a form of HRT I got from my GP. My night sweats have all but disappeared - I might be unlucky and still get one a month at most - and whilst they are pretty horrible when they happen, I'll take having one now and then over having ten a month!

So what can you do to help yourself if you don’t want to go down the HRT or bio-identical route? Here's my top 5 tips to helping you through a middle of the night t*t-sweat-fest;

  • sleep in the buff or in cotton nightwear - man made fibres make you sweat more.

  • keep a blanket/throw at the bottom of the bed so if you need something dry, you can kick off the duvet and use that to cover yourself over once you have cooled down.

  • get a fan in your bedroom - if you wake up on fire, you can direct some air your way.

  • keep the window open - harder if your partner hates this but much needed for a peri/menopausal woman. If your partner refuses, just divorce him (joke)...

  • start taking Black Cohosh - a member of the buttercup family - studies showing it reduced night sweats by 84 percent.

* make sure you read any labels before taking medication, natural or otherwise. We are not medically trained, so always check with a doctor to be sure*



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