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When Liz Earle announced she was publishing a new book that was about all things menopause, I was pressing the pre-order button on Amazon fastest than you can say ‘tell me something I didn’t know’ . I wrinkled my nose slightly at the £25 price tag but Liz does talk the talk when it comes to menopause issues so I figured it would be worth it. A regular listener to her podcasts, I was hungry for more information and maybe learning something I had missed elsewhere.

So you can now buy The Good Menopause Guide on Amazon (now £17 so I should of waited a few weeks!) and it is glossy and well photographed. I ordered the hard back book rather than the Kindle version (£12) - about half of it is factual information about ’peri menopause, menopause and beyond’ (as the front cover boosts) and the rest is nutritional recipes.

Liz covers some of the symptoms you can expect to feel and also joyous subjects like hair loss, beauty, weight gain and exercise. Lordy we women are so damn lucky to experience this.

I loved the detailed section on HRT and the studies done (very informative) but I felt that whilst she covers the main symptoms, there are lots more that women suffer from that she doesn’t even touch on, just a mention at most.

I wanted some more ideas of how possibly to combat symptoms rather than reading what causes them. Although not everyone reacts the same way, we often discuss how we deal with say night sweats in our Feeling Flush private group, sharing helpful information so women can learn from each other what might work for them.

Liz does add some solutions at the end of each section, just not enough for me.

So is this a good read and worth buying? If you’re just starting to suffer from peri menopausal/menopausal symptoms and you’re unsure what the hell is going on, I think it’s a great starter book to fill you in on what can happen and why. Liz is warm and factual and like talking to an older sister or aunt. If I’d been writing this though, I would have added more humour which can sometimes to lighten the misery that can come from this subject.

As for the recipes, they are beautifully photographed (which says something when you’re trying to make a sweet potato burger look sexy) but I’m yet to try cooking any of them (although they all look straight forward and nothing over complicated ingredient wise).

I do fancy trying the Meno-tea loaf this weekend and I will invite all of you round to share it over a cuppa unless I’ve inhaled it all immediately when it comes out of the oven .... so don’t hold your breath ....



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