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According to a recent study from the University of Leeds, if we eat more oily fish and legumes (beans and peas) we can help delay the menopause. The study was the first to examine links between food groups and the menopause.

If we are already at the menopause then they are also good for our health to help with bone density. Oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna are rich in calcium.

Researchers involved in the study looked at 14,000 British women and discovered that those who ate 90g of oily fish ever day delayed menopause by three years. The average age is 51.

Meat eaters experienced menopause more than a year later than vegetarians.

Plus, those who ate beans and peas every day delayed menopause by one year.

The study found that antioxidants in legumes might affect the maturing and release of eggs, helping to preserve menstruation for longer and that Omega 3 fatty acids in oily fish also stimulate antioxidant capacity.

Leader of the study Professor Janet Cade said: “The age at which menopause begins can have serious health implications for some women. A clear understanding of how diet affects the start of natural menopause will be very beneficial to those who may already be at risk or have a family history of certain complications related to menopause.”

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