• Paula


Sorry in advance if that title makes you think of 90’s one hit wonder by C+C Music Factory ( drag yourself back via YouTube if you need refreshing).

So at one time, it might have been an invitation to an all nighter that made you go hmmmm but what does it for you now? This is what makes us go hmmmm....

1. Cream cakes. Those big mother’s that they shove in the window of Patiserrie Valerie. Phoaaarrrrr.

2. A glass of decent wine. Ok sod the glass, we mean a bottle.

3. When you get the whole bed to yourself. Like JOY ! *does star shape*

4. When you’ve just come out of the hairdressers after getting your greying roots covered and you pass for at least 10 years younger for sure. If you squint.

5. When you pick up your usual dress size but it’s far too big and you need to size down. Even though you know they’ve made it for a baby elephant and it’s vanity sizing at its best, you still do a lap of victory in the changing room...

It’s the small things.



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