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By Feeling Flush member, Anne Carter

I love shopping in M&S. It is good value for money and it covers all price ranges. Plus, they have a good returns policy. Their Sparks discounts are great, although they do encourage me to buy things that perhaps I hadn’t meant to buy – which is what they want I suppose.


Their sizes fit me well and I have plenty of options to shop for.

I find it easy to order online, although once I ordered a pair of shoes and got a pair of heavy curtains instead!

They regularly add new items to their ranges and I can walk in to an M&S shop and I will instantly see clothes, shoes and bags that I would like to own.


It goes without saying how good their food is, although I don’t buy much of their food as I don’t have a shop nearby that is convenient to get to – just as well or else I would probably be bankrupt!


What I don’t like about Marks’ (although there’s not much) is the way the sales assistant says in a very loud voice, for all to hear, how much you personally have left on your M&S gift card. I did write to M&S about it and they agreed that I had made a good point.

I also don’t like the way the clothes in their sales are displayed. They always look a mess.

Also, if you wear M&S there is a good chance you’ll bump into someone wearing the same outfit. I had an embarrassing moment quite a few years ago when I was wearing a tracksuit type outfit with a Navy and white striped top underneath…and I then bumped into someone I know who was pushing her VERY elderly mother in a wheelchair. You guessed it? The elderly mother was wearing EXACTLY the same outfit as me!


*I would say give M&S a chance and don’t be put off by what other people say

*Use your imagination to put outfits together

*Try the clothes on in the shop to get the sizing right, until you know which M&S size fits your personal shape

(Author Anne, with her niece Feeling Flush co-founder Lynnette)

FF Editor: M&S currently have a 50% off furniture sale. Shop HERE

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