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Once upon a time, there was a girl who used to save things for best. She saved her silky dresses for special events that would never happen, her perfume lasted for months as she wouldn't use it daily for going about her mundane chores and anything 'special' was wrapped in tissue and stored away to protect it from damage or spoil.

This girl was me. I'd save my scented candles until we had guests. I wouldn't over use my expensive handbag incase it got damaged and heaven help if you tried to use my 'good' wine glasses (reserved for Christmas or dinner parties only)...

For me, it took the untimely death of someone special in her prime to make me realise that saving things for best would mean my favourite things might never see the light the day. There and then I decided that every day would be deemed 'special' because, hey guess what, I was still here to enjoy them.

And I don't think it's just the passage of ageing that can make you come to this conclusion as I have met many an old lady who still has her treasures wrapped in tissues, saved and unused for decades. Beautiful brooches that could have been pinned to coats and cardigans, sparkly rings that could have adorned fingers even if their owners were only popping to the shops.

So without further a do, here are my top 5 tips to getting the most out of every day and giving you a happier midlife;

  • Wear what you like. Admittedly no point wearing a sequin ball gown to Tesco but also no reason why you can't wear that gorgeous silk wrap dress you bought for a wedding to the office. Just learn how to style it with boots and a jacket and don't wear the matching fascinator... Stop wearing the goddamn same things.

  • Buy it and use it. Candles, body lotions, soaps... This especially goes for candles - even the ones you've remortgaged the house for but have told your partner you bought them in Home Sense at 3 for a tenner.

  • Use your favourite scent daily. What if you were run over by a bus and just smelt of Mum roll on? Imagine the shame at the morgue...

  • That handbag you love? Wear that mo-fo with everything. What's the worst that can happen? It falls to bits one day and you will have enjoyed every minute of it. Better that than it's sat in a box waiting for someone else to appreciate it.

  • Get out and about in your decent underwear... yes we all have our 'I love my big pants' days but try wearing your 'good' knickers more (look I KNOW you have them), hell why don't you just go all out and have them match your bra. Don't want to bring on the bus analogy back but... #justsaying



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